Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Burrito Electrico LIVE 172

ZZ Top/ Mastodon - Just Got Paid (45, 7" Vinyl, Record Store Day 2011 Exclusive)  Hickoid Heaven Peace Through Power Old Enough to Know Better
tons of killer PUNK ROCK!! SKA CORE and I am DRUNK by the end of the Show it is alllll goooodddd!!!
Formats available: MP3 Audio (.mp3)

Play List
Copstabber I Like Cocaine
Crustina Aguilera You're Fucked!
ForFuckSake Got An Itch
Anarchoi How Else Do You Think They Make Glue?
Triple X Rock for Fun 3
To Be Hated State of Things
Crackbox In Love must mean Stupid
Nihilist Cunt Relationshits
Subculture give up boys
except the general lebanon new phil / dean mix
Apache Finger Banger
Caterwaul of Sound Raining Shit
Beltones Suzi Is A Heartbreaker v2.0
Sweet Poison Little Suzy
Lo-Cash Ninjas We All Die
Atrocity Solution Stay True
Coquettish New Revolution
Guerilla Poubelle Brainwash
The Briefs Who Made You So Smart
Adolescents I Hate Children
Coloured Balls Won´t You Make Up Your Mind
Fearless Iranians From Hell Land Of The Free
The Bulemics Harlot From Beyond
Crust Trucker's Prayer
Butthole Surfers Woly Boly
The Controllers White Trash Christ
Gay For Johnny Depp What Doesn't Kill You, Eventually Kills You
The Lovely Lads Neighborhood
The Old Firm Casuals Lone Wolf
The Business Do They Owe Us A Living (Live)
Oxymoron Pigs
Roughneck Riot gambling days
Country Bob & The Bloodfarmers Opry Star
JJ Nobody And The Regulars Cheap Reward
The Monster Klub Fuck You Too !
The Wrecking Dead Copenhagen
Mastodon Just got paid Today
Government Issue Strange Wine

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