Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Burrito Electrico LIVE 171 GLAM BABY

Glitterbest: 20 Pre Punk 'n' Glam Tyerrace Stompers Gimme Some Sugar Oi Mott
Junk Shop GLAM and Early Oi! it's all ROCK n ROLL BABY!!
Formats available: MP3 Audio (.mp3)

Mott The Hoople The Golden Age Of Rock 'N' Roll
Lurkers Jenny
The Rocketters Rocket man
Black Label Motorway woman
Wayne County Max's Kansas City
Slade My Town
Frenzy Poser
Cozy Powell Na na na
Slaughter & The Dogs We Don't Care
Glitter Band Jukebox Queen
Hawkwind Motorhead
Frankie & The Flames Adam & Eve
The Frenchies Lola-Cola
Darren Burn Quick Joey small
Cyanide Your Old Man
Black Fire Come on and do it
Equals She Lives For Today
Eddie and the Hot Rods 96 Tears
Vanilla Muffins Gimme Some Sugar Oi!

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