Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Burrito Electrico LIVE 175

Knight Vision My God is Alive ! Sorry About Yours! Bible Beaters  Reign in Blood
Rev SnyderMan makes you 100% RAPTURE PROOF!!
Formats available: MP3 Audio (.mp3)

Play List

Knights Of The New CrusadeWhy Do You Want to Go to Hell?
Peter Pan Speedrock Hellalujah!
Black President Hallelujah
Zero Boys Civilization's Dying
Bad Religion Bad Religion
RF7 Jesus Loves You
Heart Attack God Is Dead
Ded Bugs God Is Great
Germs No God
ESE Jesus Lives In North Side
The Pricks God Is Bullshit
HammerCocks God Hates You
The Boozers Up On A Cross
Big Boys Baby Let's Play God
Pumpn Ethyl Goin' To Hell
Billyclub I Saw God
Black Market Baby Downward Christian Soldiers
Horrorcomic Jesus Crisis
Circle Jerks Killing For Jesus
Hank Williams III Satan is Real
The Beat Farmers Are You Drinkin' With Me Jesus?
The Bible Beaters Jesus Talks to Me
Slayer Jesus Saves
Hellmouth God's Forgotten Children
NOFX I'm Going To Hell For This One
NOFX Leaving Jesusland
NOFX Best God in Show
anti-nowhere league my god's bigger than yours
Antiseen My God Can Beat Up Your God
Ministry Jesus Built My Hotrod
Reverend Beat-Man & TheUnBelievers Fuck You Jesus Fuck You Oh Lord
Mischief Brew Roll Me Through The Gates Of Hell
Total Passover Christ Killer
Minutemen Jesus And Tequila
Formaldehyde Junkies Jesus Christ Vice Grip
Chixdiggit Church
The Knights Of The New Crusade Sympathy For Jesus

D.O.A. Cocktail Time In Hell
Mojo Nixon & Skid Roper Jesus At McDonalds

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Burrito Electrico LIVE 174

Hell Yeah!! got brand new stuff from Hammercoks, Piss Ant, Blood Red Baby Blues, The Hussy and tons of TEXAS GREATNESS including Hellions, Agitators, Roller +++
Loco Gringos Waltz-A-Cross-Dress-Texas Speak Up
 Hammercocks The Hellions - Radio Holocaust Born Again Deluxe Edition

Formats available: MP3 Audio (.mp3)

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The Briggs Song For Us
The Aristokoks Hit Song
The Dwarves Working Class Hole
Brat Pack Mall Rats
Cheap Sex Water Runs Dry
H-Block 101 Middle Class Rut
Payback All Fucked Up
The Glenn Robinsons Everybody Is Out To Screw You
The Morgendorffers Boys Look Like Girls
Teen Idols Peanut Butter Girl
Cock Sparrer Chip On My Shoulder
Eddie And The Hot Rods Quit The Town
Guttersnipes Addicted To Love
Piss Ant Pacify Me
BLOOD RED BABY BLUE You Get What You Came For
The Hussy Sexi Ladi
The Foamers Erase All Of The Mistakes You Made
The Poseurs Shoplifting
The Hoax Shot Heard 'round The Corner
Carbon Silicon What The Fuck!
infa riot kids of the 80's
The Members Fear On The Streets
The Casualties A Way Of Life
flip tops spill your blood
Have Nots Freedom Of Recession
Mass Murderes Dirty Money
Loco Gringos Fruit Fly
Hickoids Queen of the Bar B Que
Hickoids Pennsylvania Mexican
The Me-Thinks Burnout Timeline
Roller Showdown
Agitators Where Do I Sign?
REO Speedealer Dealer's Choice
the hellions good too long
Short Fuses, The Maria
bullet treatment Today Your Love Tomorrow The World
Fracas Born On The Bayou
Anal Cunt Fuckk Yeah