Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Burrito Electrico LIVE 183

Back in Action!!
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The Hard-Ons One Chord Wonders
Disguster Rock On
Flat Tires GD Woman
Luck Of The Draw Pin Up Girl
The Black Marias C.U. Next Tuesday
DERELLA You're So Vain
Healthy Junkies Burn in Hell
The Potato Pirates We're Faggots
The Creetings Sharpen Your Knife
The Pushers Caught With The Meat In Your Mouth
Duane Peters & the Hunns Boing Jet 757
Sons Of Cyrus Sonic Riot
The Local Spastics Rot
The Virus Looks Like Trouble
Major Accident Man On The Wall
Deadones USA Fucking Stupid
The Dark Rags Drunken Angel
Drive-By Truckers Daddy's Cup
Skatenigs Chemical Imbalance
Helen Ready Bonight
The Fuckwits No Sex Please... We're British
UK VOMIT 07 Zipper
The Young Ones MILF
Against The Grain Coffee and Cigarettes
Gallows Black Eyes
Fuck Knights Bind, Torture, Kiss
Hex Dispensers Agatha's Antlers
Davila 666 Alverez
Trust Fund Babies Drinkin
The Dead Vaynes She Bit My Arms, She Blew My Brains
Bad Brains destroy babylon
Zodiac Brain Control
The Old Firm Casuals We Want The Lion's Share
29th Street Disciples When In Rome
Mouth Sewn Shut Drunk White Jesus
Everything Must Go Poison
The Reefers Mama Smoked Marijuana

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Burrito Electrico LIVE 182

A litle rusty after a week off... but got some old and new punk rock and psychobilly as well!!
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Play List

Caterwaul of Sound Sweet 16 Abortion
Headgrenade Reject
The Babysitters Everybody Loves You When You're Dead
The Parents British swingers
Damaged Goods Damaged Goods
the Accused Bring The Riots To The USA
The Conversation Killers Good Intentions
Forced Underground Social Change
Landmines Fair Weather Friend
Booze And Glory Hooligan
The Lurkers Suzie Is A Floozie
The Traditionals Revolution is here
Crack Squad You Make Me Sick
Ghetto Blaster Whatchu Gunna Do
My Own Religion Now Is The Time
Bluekilla Girl U Want
Dillinger Four Our Science Is Tight
Cereal Box Killers His Last Jump
The Ghostwood useless and educated
Kobanes I miss my mullet
The Hi-Fives Don't You Know (Now That's A Girl)
_16_ Powdered Milk
The Jewws Animal
G.B.H. Race Against Time
U.K. Subs C.I.D. (Single Version)
Necros Power Of Fear

world of Nothing
Girlfixer Addict
Shark Week Red Tarps and Green Burritos
Al Bundie's Army No Bed For The Wicked
Ani DiFranco's Dick I Like Me
Dropkick Murphys Guns Of Brixton
Duncan ''Kid'' Reid Complete Control
Fang White Riot
The Farrell Bros. Career Opportunities
The Hillbilly Moon Explosion My Love For Evermore (with Sparky)
P. Paul Fenech Casting My Spell on You
Voodoo Zombie Roller Derby Go
Last Target My Life, My Way
Iron Guts Kelly Kingdom And Crown
The Underdogs Boys Will Be Boys
SNFU Gimme Some Water

Burrito Electrico LIVE 181

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The Bags Survive
Brainless Wonders Punk for a week
Dag Nasty What Now?
The Crumbs Dead Boys Too
Fucked Up Carried Out To The Sea
Long Beach Allday Nun Of God
The Shockers Rock'n'Roll Toys
Die Toten Hosen Should I Stay or Should I go
DEATH OF SAMANTHA Werewolves Of London
Beki Bondage The Boys Are Back In Town
Norman Bates & The Showerheads "Young Punks In Lust"

"Magical Spot"
Ed Gein's

Gotohells Drink, Drank, Drunk
Moral Crux Booked On Suspicion
BIg Kids Pier 14 Locals
Fearless Iranians From Hell Land Of The Free
Piñata Protest Cantina
Hickoids Neat, Neat, Neat
Burning Love Mess
Molested Youth Genetic Jackhammer
Slobs Outlier
Naughty Girls Left in the Dark
Doggy Style Super Punkers
The Macc Lads God's Gift To Women
King Size Braces Let's Get Pissed
UK VOMIT 05 Pogo Til You Puke
Blatz Fuk Shit Up
The Jammy Dodgers No Gods No Masters
DIRT Hiroshima
The Hung Ups Bar Flies
The New Rochelles Static Shock
Conflict The Guilt And The Glory
False Idle I Refuse
The Queen City Saints These Are Just A Means To An End
The Flesh Eaters A Minute To Pray, A Second To Die
Fuck Knights Moderation
Grabass Charlestons Un-American