Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Burrito Electrico LIVE 173

Another week more Killer TUNES!!

Until We Die Born To LoseThe Dreams Of Kids Loco Gringos

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Beath the Red Light Regulators
The Bruisers till the end
The Dimestore Haloes Cheap Red Wine God
Forgotten Rebels Bomb The Boats And Feed The Fish
The Getback Two Years
The Crumbs Son of a Gun
Jon Cougar Concentration Camp Kamala's Too Nice
Pool Party Publix Anorexic Sub Chick
The Shrubs Zombie Chicks
Space Station 5 My Friend Miguel is Way Cooler Than Your Friends
Furious Dudes Operation
Zero Cool Wanna Live In My Shed-
End of Power No One Will Believe Me
Skudpuppetz Soundtrack To My Life
REO Speedealer Pig Fucker
Capital Southern Air
Boris The Sprinkler Buying Beer For Junior High School Students
The Quintessentials Devil Bitch
Spits Drop Out
Mixtapes Hope is for People
Rich White Males Go Back To Hollywood
The Briefs Love And Ulcers
Nancy Vandal Bone Slacks Max
Pipes And Pints Heaven And Hell
Born To Lose The Dreams Of Kids
A-Bombs Just Like You!
Dogs Bollocks Icon
Die Hunns Back 'N' Black
Vicky Fury Flipper story
The Veros No Time To Lose
Cock Sparrer Teenage Heart
Undead Nightmare
The Bloody Muffs 7 Dwarfs Of Hell's Kitchen
dragSTER Dirty Jean Get Dead
Aus-Rotten No Justice, No Peace
Squat Oddball
One Man Down Get Out!
Loco Gringos Hug a Jug (live)

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