Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Burrito Electrico LIVE 170

420 it's not just for Rappers any more!!
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Dead Generation Aaa Live at Emo's

Murphy's Law A Day in Life
The Moorat Fingers Sonic Masturbation
Fucked Up A Little Death
johnnie & the lubes terror in the parking lot
the Bastards danger
River City Rebels Aborted
Cirguz Sid Vicious
Resistors Walking Ruin
Swingin' Utters I Need Feedback
Christ On A Crutch Off Target
Violent Affair No Rules No Order
Insurgence Black Picket Fence
SPAUL To Live,To Serve,To Die
The Didjits Captain Ahab
Supersuckers Tasty Greens
Hank Williams III Mary Fuckin Jane
Yo!Scunt Beer Sex Weed
The Gears I Smoke Dope
The Brewers sweet mary jane
M.D.C. Maryjane For President
Senza Benza I Wanna Marry Mary Jane
The Rocketz Storm the Embassy
The Villains Revenge
Usual Players Tatts too bad
Rancid I Wanna Riot (Ska Version Feat. Stubborn All-Stars)
Nicotine Rock'n'Roll High School
Los Explosivos Lo Que Me Exita...!!!
The Original Sins Party's Over
Glass Dicks Streach Jeans
triple x a test for unity
CRACKBOX Grandma Was a Revolutionary
The Deadbeat Dads Mr. Karaoke
Radio Dead Ones Promises
IllScarlett Mary Jane
Johnny Cakes Alberts-in-Back
Suicide Syndicate Where The Wild Roses Grow (feat Texas Terri) (Bonus)

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