Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Burrito Electrico LIVE 168

what a strange set... New track from The Me Thinks 7" plus lots of Power Pop Punk RocknRoll
Formats available: MP3 Audio (.mp3)

Crazy Set of Tunes for ya tonight!! Enjoy!!
Bu Ikikaesu

Bad For Lazarus Time Of My Life (feat. Rodeo Death Burger)
Pinkerton Thugs I Remember
Fleshies He Gots No Job
The Oppressed Skinhead Girl
Maximum the Hormone Shimi
The Pillowfights Touche Marion, Touche
Rancid Sound System
M.O.T.O. Spend The Night On Me
Legionaire's Disease Downtown
The Brewers tattooed asshole
The Rezillos I Can't Satnd My Baby
Knife In The Leg Bloodlust
Easpa Measa Foregone
The Rehab Rats Small Town Waste
The Vermin Dead friends
Resurgents Question
Fleshies Led Fuckin' Zeppelin, Man
Graveyard Bbq I'm On Fire
The Outcasts Ruby
Lynyrd's Innards Rise Above
The Capitalist Kids goodbye hug
The Accelerators She Makes The Devil Look Good
The Kidnappers Out In The City
The Me Thinks Wazwulf
Obits Naked To The World
Apocalypse Babys Scapegoat
Maximum the Hormone Bikini Sports Punchin
Electric Six One More Time
Sludgeworth Funk Dungeon
The Holograms Weekend Bender
Dirty Sweets,The Dance Party Massacre
The Checkers You Don't Wanna Know
Blood Stained Brindle Blood Stained Brindle
The Bristles 3. Die, Die, Die
Griffin 02. Downtown Lads
Guitar Wolf UFO Romantics

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