Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Burrito Electrico LIVE 198

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Hudson Falcons Desire To Burn
Gallows Mondo Chaos
The Hoax Program A Symphony For The Mayhem
Bloodclot! Revolution
Leftover Crack Burn Them Prisons
Leftover Crack Baby-Punchers
Morning Glory So Ya Wanna Be A Cop? (feat. The Stza)
Black Flag Nervous Breakdown
The Dils Class War
Perkele Punkrock Army
The Blackout Brigade Pushed Too Far
Poison 13 Blank Generation
The Radicts revolution city
Agression Ripped Off
U.S. bombs her & me
Vanilla Muffins Ladies Choice
The Most Fabulous Soulshake Express Woman Like You
The Retardos Shit Outta Luck
The space cowboys Gotta go
Eddie And The Hot Rods 96 Tears
Pointed Sticks Out Of Luck
Dan Webb And The Spiders Number 13
telefones ballad of jerry godzilla
nervebreakers i confess
skunks cheap girl
tex and the saddletramps move it!
Klasse Kriminale The March Of The Rude Boys & Rude Girls
Working Boys Naughty Girls Choose Freedom
The Devotchkas Oi! Toy
Bovver 96 knuckle girls
The Now DC 77
Reazione Prohibited
The Strike 20 Years
The Weirdos We Got The Neutron Bomb
Nashville Pussy Headin' For The Texas Border
The Dicks Dicks hate Police

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