Thursday, December 1, 2011

Burrito Electrico LIVE 196

Hot Apple Snyders for EVERYONE!!

Download MP3 HERE

Wisdom In Chains The Death Of Whiskey Finger
The McGunks Goodbye To Blues
Jamie Clarke's Perfect beatboys
The Tosspints One Last Shot
The F.U.'s Walking Tall
Dead Stop Kiss My Ass
The Needles New Enemy
The Barreracudas New York Honeys
The Faggot Kings Up against the Wall
London Handcuffed
Spermbirds Shit for Sale
The Action T.V.'s On The Blink
The Vibrators Amphetamine Blues
Defiance City Of Roses
The Kings Of Nuthin' For You Live (Rare Track)
Rocket From The Crypt Heart Of A Rat
Krum Bums Hit & Run (Unreleased Track)
The Capaces Human rubbish
Mike V./Rats The Days
The Meteors Drag You Back To Hell (Unreleased Track)
The Peacocks After All
Thee Suspenders Raped by the Turkey
REO Speedealer Zeke
HammerCocks Built For Speed (master)
the hellions sweet revenge
THE BERMONDSEY JOYRIDERS Society Is Rapidly Changing.
Dims Rebellion In My Bed
Glen & The Peanutbutter Men Penny's A Hooker
Lie Captive Judas Like The Last Time
The shell corporation Bread and circuses
Blk Galaga Nothing Left
Head Ons Start swingin' (Carola)
The Post Teens A.D.D.
The Bloody Muffs We Wish We Were Drunk (For Christmas)
F MINUS worth the cost
Deadline It Girl
I OBJECT! the way you play guitar is revolutionary
Knaughty Knights Wenches of Turpentine St
The Shitty Limits I'm a Square
Beastie Boys Egg Raid on Mojo
Starvation Army Nasty Bit of Work

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