Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Burrito Electrico LIVE 203

Tons of KILLER stuff this week including NEW tracks from Anti-Flag, Classics of Love plus tunes from super Pilot, Donald Thompson, Chix n' Dix, Just Die!, The Rats, Factory Minds and so much MORE!!

Download MP3 HERE


Anti-Flag The Ranks of the Masses Rising
The Ruffianz Don't Fuck With Punks
Anti-Heros Matt And Me
Combat Crisis Out Of Luck
Cock Sparrer Teenage Heart
Iron Virgin Rebels Rule
Vice Squad Teenage Rampage
Chix N' Dix Virus
The Brat Attack One Solution (Chaos And Mayhem)
The Measure [Sa] Ruby is a Punk
The Downtown Struts On My Knees
donald thompson really bored
Just Die! More Harm Than God
Spastic Panthers Outta Control
The Accüsed Bullet-Ridden Bodies
Factory Minds Drunk Tank
Payolas I'm Sorry
Classics of Love Castle In The Sky
Teenage Gluesniffers I Wanna Be A Pyro
Sick On The Bus I Don't Think So
Rabies Gonna Fuck You Up
Broken Needle Off The Wall
The Rats Rat's Ass
The Soda Pop Kids Bop It Up!
Dead Stop Kiss My Ass
Alcatraz Get Fucked
Evacuate 2012
Too Many Daves Cop Killer
Kill That Girl Girls Just Wanna Have Fun
The Hard Luck Heroes Texas When I Die
White Lung Wild Failure
The Capaces Gimmie wild
Blatz Homemade Speed
F MINUS worth the cost
The Jammy Dodgers No Gods No Masters
Ten Pints In Misery Loves Company & You
Resistance 77 Rock N Roll Heroin
Carne Asada We're Not A Real Band
Smut Peddlers Mona From Pomona
The Hotlines Song For All The Girls
The Riptides Champagne Room

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