Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Burrito Electrico LIVE 188

The Revolution has Begun!!

Download HERE

Strawberry Blondes Revolution Radio
Black Star Brigade Revolution Lullaby
Witch Hunt Take It All Away
K.I.L. American Dream
Hudson Falcons Working Class War
Black President Last Fucking Hope
Frontkick Days Of Revolution
Obtrusive Revolution Inside
Naked Aggression Revolution on the Way
Mise En Scene Let The Revolution Start
ForFuckSake Miscarriage Of Civilization
Morning Glory The Whole World Is Watching
Leftover Crack Gang Control
Star Fucking Hipsters The Path Is Paved
The Killigans New Revolution
The Unseen Children Of The Revolution
Blisterhead Radio Riot
The Traditionals Revolution is here
The Oi! Scouts Revolution
Tommy Gutless Anthems For Revolution
Mighty Midgets This Revolution is for Display Purposes only
Aires And Graces Children Of The Revolution
One Win Choice my revolution
The Generatorz Sound Of Revolution

Bring The Riots To The USA
Sonic Boom Six Sound Of A Revolution
Voice Of A Generation Street Revolution
U.S. Bombs Revolution weekend
59 Times The Pain Weakend Revolution
The Adicts Viva La Revolution
Citizen Fish Revolution
U.K. Subs Violent Revolution
Leatherface Talkin' Bout A Revolution
Wrecking dead Revolution
Toxic Reasons We're The Revolution
Fifty Stars Anger Stop The Greed
Agnostic Front Riot Riot Upstart
Bombshell Rocks 21st Century Riot
Bang Gang dickhead
Morning Glory Long Live Revolution Rock

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